16 Mar

Learning the Language and Culture of Twitter Part 2

If you are just joining us, check out Part 1 – Learning the Language and Culture of Twitter from yesterday! Click Here to catch up and then we’ll see you back here in a minute…. The cool thing about Twitter is that you can speak directly to someone you follow on Twitter, simply by typing @next to their twitter handle and the message will show up on their feed. This is one of the best aspects of Twitter, in that you don’t have to be personal friends with someone to send them a message. Twitter is about making connections and chatting with people you may not even know yet. So feel free to reach out to those people that you’ve always wanted to talk to, and they may even tweet you back! So, if you want to send a direct message (DM) to someone on twitter, that is private for just the two of you, click messages in the top navigate bar and choose new message and decide who you’re going to write to. This is a great way to expand your social circles, joint ventures and support each others’ goals. If you share common elements and potentially audiences, this may be a great way to work together to help each other and educate your audiences together. Since messages have a short message length capability as well, after building a rapport, it might be nice to take your messages to email or chatting on the phone to discuss how you can work together. For example, a simple Retweet of each other’s posts a few times a week can open you both up to much greater audience reach, and help each other gain traction and momentum with growing your communities. Retweeting allows you to add a personalized message to someone else’s tweet that you are sharing with your audience. You can add your own narrative, while staying consistent with your brand voice, but keep your Twitter audience engaged with interesting content. To see how your tweets are received in the Twittersphere, you can actually see the results of your impressions (how many people have seen the tweet), likes and retweets. Make sure you are on your own profile page and scroll down. Just below each post, you will see the options to reply, retweet, like, and then 3 bars of different heights. Click the bars and it will open a window for each post that outlines the statistics for that post. Here you can also promote your tweet to help it be seen by more people. Remember to use hashtags on all of your tweets. Sometimes it can feel a bit silly hash tagging everything, but it really does help your tweets to be seen, shared and engaged with. Use hash tags that are interesting and even help to get your message across. Keep an eye for hashtags that make you smile or think to yourself are catchy and feel free to use them too. This will associate you with relevant material that others are posting and will help you be found when people type in those keywords to search. People can also click on the hashtags and this will bring them to a list of posts and information that also use the same hashtag, so choose wisely! You can also coin your own hashtags and use them across your social networks and this will begin to build your own catalogue of posts for your audiences to enjoy.

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