21 Mar

Leverage Your Instagram Stories

Are you on Instagram? If so, it’s time to update your app if you haven’t in awhile and get on Instagram stories!

Instagram stories are short, temporary status updates that last for 24 hours and then disappear forever! These can be photos or videos, it’s totally up to you.

When you log into your Instagram account, you will now see some of the people that you are following across the top with a colourful circle around their profile picture. This means that these contacts have fresh Instagram stories, ready for you to watch. Go ahead and click on their image and their stories will pop up and roll through each story in 10 second increments. Once their stories are complete, it will auto-play into the next person on your Insta-stories list and continue to play their stories. When you visit someone’s profile, it will also show that they have a new Insta-story because their profile photo will also have a colourful circle behind it and you can access their Insta-story by tapping their profile here as well.

How to create your own Instagram Stories…

Creating your own Instagram Stories is quite similar to posting on your regular Instagram feed, other than the post has to be a photo or video that you have taken live in the moment. You can’t access your photo roll to choose an image or video to post, it has to be taken live and then posted. Once you have posted, you can scroll through your stories and see how many views you have, who has watched various portions of your stories and see how your analytics are. You can also share your stories to your profile from here.

How can Instagram Stories help to leverage my brand?

These quick clips offer a live, sneak peak into your days. You can post about being excited to be on your way to the office to adjust your patients and turn their power on, you can take some videos and photos of the action at your office during a busy shift, or what you are doing to fuel your mind, body and spirit before and after your shifts. Everyone wants to have backstage access to exciting lives and interesting Instagram profiles, so Insta-stories offers an incredible way to stay front and centre of your patients’ minds. When they hop onto Instagram, your regular Insta-stories will show up at the top of their newsfeeds, and if you include interesting content, you can be sure that they are going to click to see what you are up to. Obviously the most important thing is to keep your brand and message consistent. Don’t post that you are just swinging out of the McDonald’s drive thru and can’t wait to scarf down your burger. Like we recommend for all of your social media networks, stay in your lane!! Create content that is consistent with what you tell your patients every day at your office and let them have a sneak peak into your life and hopefully they will begin to mimic your healthy life choices! Be the expert!

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