06 Mar

Do You Need a Facebook Group?

You Have a Facebook Page, so do you really need a Facebook Group too? The answer is probably yes – depending on what your goals are. Facebook Groups are amazing tools to create patient connections and to build community in your practice. They are especially functional to use when you are running various programs within your office that have a dedicated purpose, such as: • Shred 10 (shred 10 poor habits for 10 days / or shred 10 pounds) • Exercise ideas • Recipe Exchange • Mindfulness Motivation Choose a name that people will understand right away so your group is easy to find on Facebook search and your audience will instantly know that your group is for them. Before you start adding people to your group, be sure that you have uploaded lots of juicy info that will draw people to your group and entice them to stay. If it’s a Shred 10 group, inspiring people to kick unhealthy habits, you can share images of patients who have had great transformations, post testimonials and inspirational quotes and content. Make sure you have documents uploaded that explain specifically the changes that the Shred 10 involves, so they are not confused. And then start inviting your patients to join your group! This can be done in your office, as well as online. You can also advertise the group on your Facebook page, for those who want to join for a specific program or goal to reach.

Keep your Facebook page for your full practice and natural health info, and use your group as a platform for specific changes that a group of your patients are moving toward making.

The importance of the Group is that you can choose the security level – it can be a closed group so that you are in control of who joins, as people request to join the group. This way, you can keep tabs on who is in the group to ensure that it is a fully supportive group of your patients or clients that you coach, and there are no trolls arriving to cause trouble in the group. It is important to post regularly to your group, so be sure your team is involved in creating and sharing content to help you out. For example, if you are creating a Shred 10 group, have your patients focus on kicking the following 10 habits for 10 days: • Refined foods (white bread/pasta, wheat flour) • Processed foods, junk foods • Hydrogenated fats, artificial foods • Colours, flavours, sweeteners, sugar, candy • Toxic cosmetics and cleaning supplies • Meat, dairy, yogurt, cheese, eggs • Non-water drinks (alcohol, pop, caffeine, juices) • Skipping meals and snacks • Late night snacking • Late bedtimes And replace with the following healthy habits. Focus on More of: • Fruit and Vegetables • Meals with more vegetables • Breakfast Smoothie with healthy fats • Natural sugars only (maple syrup, raw honey) • Finish eating by 7pm • Joyful movement • Pure water • Relationships, intimate connection, kindness to self, others, environment • Find organic, toxin free cosmetics and cleaning products • Sleep 8 hours per night Post daily about these habits and make it about crowding out the bad habits with these new healthy habits. Once they have shred these 10 bad habits for 10 days, encourage them to continue with as many items as possible, because they must be feeling so much better! Stay tuned tomorrow for our blog about how to grow your Facebook Group!

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