22 Mar

Repurpose Your Social Media Content

I know you spend a lot of time creating content, so are you getting the best return on your time investment to be sure that your content get into the newsfeeds of all of your patients and widespread audience of potential patients and clients? It’s time to repurpose some of your social media content to reduce your workload and be sure that all of your social networks have recent activity to provide mucho value to your community. Chances are, if you have an active Facebook page with lots of content, your community is also going to want to follow you on Twitter and Instagram, which are the main social networks in use these days. Don’t be afraid to post your content on Facebook and then once it has several likes and shares, take a screenshot of your post and upload it to Twitter and Instagram, letting your community know that there is new content up over on your Facebook page that they will want to check out. You can also of course post your content to all of your social networks to ensure its circulation with as much of your audience as possible. No one minds seeing your content on more than one network. In fact, they may not have had a chance to read it the first time they passed by, and are happy to have a second chance to read your post, appreciate your graphic and learn something along the way. If you have created a YouTube video, don’t just leave it there! Promote it on all of your social networks and have it circulating among your audience. Especially with video, if you produce one per month, feel free to share the same video twice per month on each social platform, as it take a whole lot of time and energy to produce content. Help it to receive the views it deserves and get it moving virally around your community! You can also embed the video into your blog articles so it is also on your website itself. Then talk about the video and offer the information you share in the video as a typed out article too. This will help your SEO ranking, and we all want to be #found! Additionally, a great way to repurpose your content on social media is to work with a group of colleagues that support each other to be sure that each of your content gets shared far and wide. Visit each others’ sites often to share posts to your community, or let them know ahead of time if a hot article or video is almost ready. This will help to ensure maximum deliverability to your shared communities, and help each other to maximize your visibility. You can also transform some of your posts into articles that you compile into a resources book at your office for patients to look through while they are waiting for their appointments. And, of course, you can use the basis of the content that you are creating as jumping off points for seminars and workshops that you offer for your patients. The best advice is to be creative with how you are sharing your content, write about interesting topics so that it boosts your share-ability and be generous in sharing others’ content with your community so that they will also be happy to share your amazing content.

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