31 Jan

Social Media Tips You Need to Know Now

It’s time to grow your online following. Your patients want to hear from you, so give them educational content that is interesting and engaging. No one wants to read content that drags on and on. Write or share articles that are concise and get to the point. Write about relevant topics that are currently in the news media or are making headlines in your community. Bring a fresh spin to old information by bringing your personality into your writing. Have you created a Facebook page yet? What about Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? Decide which social media vehicles fit your practice, your personality and your patients the best.

How often should you post?

Posting daily is a great start. It doesn’t have to be original content every day, feel free to share content from other people’s pages and sites. Make sure the information is relevant to your practice or is a feel-good story in some way. We all love to watch baby goats playing, but the focus of your posts should be overall skewed to health and various health matters.

When is the best time of day to post?

There is mountains of research claiming various times of the day are the best times to post. But really, the best time of day to post is when you actually have time and it doesn’t feel like a chore. It needs to be convenient for you, or you won’t actually do it. People check their social feeds regularly throughout the day, so feel free to post whenever works for you.

Share your posts more than once!

Feel free to share your favourite posts more than once. This will help to spread your content throughout the newsfeed of your target audience and patients, and will show your content to throughout the day, without needing to worry about the best time of day to post.

How do I get more people to share my post?

The best way to have a post be shared is to include a visual of some kind. Video is very relatable and gets the best share rates, but not everyone has the skill or time to create regular videos. Start with sharing graphics that are educational, inspirational, or comical and you will find that those are the most engaging.

Create Groups and Events on Facebook to further connect with your audience

You can use specific groups for specific reasons, and offer support in a group setting on Facebook. For example, if you are having a weight loss challenge in your office, use this real-time platform to connect with patients, post encouragements, tips, exercise ideas, and recipes to support their efforts. This also builds community inside your office, because your patients get to know each other online, and then see each other at the office from time to time. If you’re having a seminar, create an event on Facebook that your patients can join, like, share and spread the word about the amazing events that your office hosts.

Tell your patients you are online!

Put up signs in your office to encourage your patients to follow your social sites. You can run a draw for free product in your office, or something similar, open to all of the patients who like your page each month. Think of fun ways to engage your patients online and in the office. All of these functions serve to create loyalty for your patients to your office.

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