19 Apr

Want more people to read your blogs?

Here, we are continuing our conversation from yesterday. If you missed it, check out 4 Tips to Help Your Blogs Get Read – Write Spectacular Headlines and then come on back.

Yesterday we chatted about how to make sure your blogs are being read – by having spectacular headlines. People love lists, do not love click bait, we need to speak directly to our target audience, and we need to be clear and concise about what we’re saying. Now onto some more tips…

1. Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes it is very effective to just give all (or some) of your content away in a simple statement or question.

  • Want to learn to eat better?
  • Want to eliminate your headaches?
  • Lose weight by exercising 8 minutes per day
  • Are you unknowingly poisoning your family?
  • Want more people to read your blogs?

These simple questions or statements are very effective at connecting with your target audience, because once you know your target audience, you will know exactly what to say to connect with them easily.

2. Ask a Question

Yes, we just created many questions to be less but more, but there’s more to it now.

You can ask your target audience questions about their health, or conditions that they are suffering with, and let them know you can help. For example,

  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? We can help you reverse it
  • Struggling with eczema or skin conditions? We can help you heal it.
  • Do you have regular headaches or migraines? We can help you prevent them.
  • Do you want to lose weight? We can teach you how to lose pounds forever.
  • Do you want more energy throughout the day? We have the answer.

You can make these questions personalized to the common symptoms that you see in your office. Write a blog about it. Tell your audience how to heal their problems, whether it is to stop consuming dairy or do HIIT daily, or get off the caffeine. Ultimately you are going to be explaining that all of these things will only make a difference in their health if their brain is able to communicate with the rest of their body via a well adjusted spine with no interference.

Add an appointment self-scheduler at the bottom (or middle) or your blogs to encourage your readers to visit your office for an examination. Now that they are armed with the answers, give them the ability to follow through.

3. Make a Command – with a strong action verb

Especially critical for advertising, this method of headline writing can extend to your blogs and articles as well.

If you are hosting a seminar and have written a blog about it to explain what people will experience at this ‘most amazing seminar ever’ then we need to encourage them to attend.

  • Attend this life-transforming health seminar. Sign Up Now!
  • Transform your health this weekend. Click Here to get your life back!
  • Doctor’s orders: Sign Up Here for total health transformation.

Get creative with your commands and make them sound friendly and outline the benefit. Everyone wants to have benefits but without needing to expend too much energy, so make it sound fun and inviting and use healthy action verbs to promote the event and the benefits.

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