10 Feb

What are you Posting online?

As I scroll through my social media feeds to see what is going on in the world, I’m never shocked by the nonsensical, irrelevant “information” that people tend to post. I’m usually left wondering these questions: • First of all, what?? • Second of all, how do they think this is relevant? (to their company, or to any reader) • And third of all, how are they still in business?

So I have to ask you, WHAT ARE YOU POSTING??

Yes, I’m all for watching those baby goats jumping on that moving metal teeter-totter, but does it make sense for a financial management firm to be posting that? I guess it would maybe be a little more relevant if they captioned it by saying “think of this game the baby goats are playing as though it was the stock market. It goes up and down and then eventually we hope it levels out in your favour”. But no, it really was just the goats playing. Sure, I had a laugh, but then thought well, would they be someone I trusted my finances with? The same goes for the nutritionist I was watching on a Live Feed last week while discussing the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables. There happened to be a McDonald’s bag on the side table in her video. So you can imagine my questions about ever trusting her opinions when it came to making recommendations about my health.

When you are posting online, creating a blog, sharing others’ videos, quotes, graphics and headlines, are you posting information that is relevant to your audience?

Are you sharing information that cements your position as a trusted health advisor? Or are you sharing the baby goats? Don’t get me wrong, I love those little guys. But I beg you, at least create a relevant caption! “Wow, these baby goats know where it’s at!! They are having fun while exercising. That is exactly what I tell my patients to do!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyE4XWe_Lrs Done! There is your connection caption, making an awesome, yet somewhat ridiculous video relevant and timely. It adds to your credibility, and shows some of your personality. Everyone appreciates comic relief. Anyone scrolling by would see the caption, love the video and understand the relevance. Which gives you credibility and makes you seem fun and light hearted. The most important thing to consider when you are creating or sharing content online is to ask yourself this question: Is this [post/video/graphic/blog] consistent with my brand? Does it follow the brand personality? ie. is it boringly consistent with my health philosophies? Is it something predictable that I would say? ~Then great!! It should be. Obviously say different things about various health issues, but keep the same narrative. Stay in your lane. Be predictable in your answers so that your patients know that you are someone they can come to and hear the same answers every time you are asked. This is the best way to build trust and rapport with your patients – let them know that you are firm in your beliefs about real health, so they feel safe to also begin to explore the solutions that natural health affords them.

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