17 Feb

The 3-Point SEO Cheat Sheet to Win Content Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Are you optimizing your ability to be found by Google, and in essence, your specific audience? Here is a 3-Point SEO Cheat Sheet for making sure your content can be found.

1. What Keywords Are You Using?

It is incredibly important to understand your specific audience and to be able to find them – and this is made so much easier by actually understanding them! How do they speak? What are their troubles? What words do they use? What are their symptoms? How would they describe the help they need? What are the common conditions that plague that segmented demographic that you would like to communicate with? For example: If you are working with young families, and would like to target new mom’s who need help with the health and development of their children, here are some questions that you need to be able to answer: Which words would work better? • infants or babies? • kids or children? • adjustment or treatment? • adolescents or teenagers?

When you choose keywords, which also leads to the topics you are writing your articles about, you need to write in the language that your audience will be able to find you (by keyword and by article).

If you aren’t sure which words would work best, and it definitely differs by geographic location, education level, age, sex, finances and life experience, begin to listen more closely to how your patients speak so you can be sure that you are using the best keywords.

2. Review Your Analytics Frequently to Know What Content is Most Clicked

Listen to your audience! They will tell you what sorts of content they are most interested in learning about by their click rates. If you see three times the number of clicks on content discussing nutrition, recipes and healthy food information than commentary on research studies and statistical information, give them more of what they want!! Sure, the studies can have a lot of great info, but maybe spin that information into something more digested so that your patients can easily do a ‘grab and go’ – grab the info they need, internalize it and go make changes in their lives!

3. If In Doubt, Ask Your Audience What They Want!!

Seriously, wouldn’t the world work better if we all just did this? How can I make your life better? The answers will be incredible. Obviously you will tailor the questions to receive solutions you can provide or content you can create, but don’t be afraid to ask questions on your page, and interact with the people who have taken time to ask them of you. This is a great way to create engagement on your page, and encourage conversation, because once they feel comfortable commenting once and receive friendly dialogue in return, they will be much more likely to comment again, frequent your pain, and if they are in your geographic area, make an appointment for a new patient examination!

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