28 Mar

Boost Traffic to Your Website with 2 Simple Tweaks…

We all know the drill – create a great website and use this leverage to establish your business. But there is more to establishing a thriving business than just throwing a website together and hoping for traffic. Boosting your traffic is done strategically over time with various content updates. Check out the 2 simple tweaks you need to know to boost your flow! #1. Do you have multiple products and services? Then you need multiple landing pages. Treat each major product or service as its very own brand and provide separate advertising content for each piece of your company. For example… If your practice has you adjusting, as well as a nutritionist, naturopath, massage therapist and/or homeopath, you wouldn’t just advertise your clinic and say “hey visit our clinic for your one-stop shop health!” You would very clearly advertise for your nutritionist, explaining the benefits of learning about fuelling your body properly, learning how to cook delicious, healthy recipes the client will love and how to stick to their new lifestyle long-term. The same principle is true of the rest of your practitioners – they are all separate practitioners, and as such, need their own dedicated advertising stream. Taken online, this would mean that each practitioner would require his/her own landing page and scheduler to easily book patients. The very same thing goes for your major products – each deserves its own attention and landing page, advertisements and marketing strategy. For example, if you have a vitamin product line, you may be able to advertise the line as one product if they are all complementary. But you would want to have a separate marketing strategy and landing page for an e-book for detoxification or recipes. Keeping things separate allows you to focus on various pieces of your practice at different times, and pick and choose what you are going to strategically advertise. If you have a Summer Slim Down Program, it is obvious that you would create a landing page of its own to clearly advertise for this very specific program. Or a Survive the Holidays program would also have its own devoted page. #2. Once you have these separate landing pages, you need to create interesting graphics, memes and infographics to share on social media to draw attention to your product or service. Always link the post back to your landing page so that your audience can learn more about what you are advertising. [In Facebook – create the typed part of the message first before you bring the image in. Add your link and it will automatically bring in an image from the page. Click the small box next to the picture and this will give you the opportunity to add the image you want and still link it to your landing page. Now be sure to click the other auto-imported image to remove the blue border around it, which will mute its appearance, allowing your chosen graphic to be what is seen with your post.] These two simple tweaks to your online content will make a great deal of change to your website and practice by boosting your traffic flow online and in your front door!

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