13 Feb

Boost Your Website Ranking

What are you doing to make sure that your website is ranking the best it can? And why are rankings important? What is a ranking? A Google ranking is how well your website can be found and indexed – and the best rankings end up at the top of the produced list when someone Google searches keywords that are relevant to your site. Google uses up to 200 ranking signals to rank websites. Here are a few of the signals that have the biggest impact, that are important for you to focus on.

1. Keyword in the Beginning of Your Title

Google gives more weight to keywords that are found in the beginning of your title. For example, Headline #1: Weight Loss Tips: 5 Strategies to Lose It Headline #2: How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast with These Tips Using the keyword Weight, because it is the most identifying word of your blog, would be best placed at the beginning of your title, because Google would see this as the most relevant part of your topic. Headline #1 for the win!

2. Domain Authority

The longer your site has been active, and the more awesome content it holds is a huge factor in how well your site will rank. This is why it is so important to create regular content to build up your authority. This is why Amazon and YouTube rank for almost anything you type in, because they are like an encyclopedia of information, links, videos, products etc, that make it very easy to answer a Google query.

3. Dwell Time

How long are your searchers staying on your page? Google plays close attention to this, because if people are spending time on your site, there must be relevant, informative content there. Again, creating compelling content is really important.

4. Responsive Design

Has your site been designed to be compatible across many devices? Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Phones all assimilate and display your website differently. And just having your entire website visible on a phone that is a miniature version of what you see on a desktop just doesn’t cut it. Responsive design means that your site is easy to navigate on a mobile, with relevantly structured menus and load speeds. Talk to your web designer if you notice your site isn’t displaying properly on your mobile.

5. Duplicate Content

Again, it is so important to create content that is original, informative and relevant to your audience. That doesn’t mean copy and pasting information from someone else’s site, because Google does not respond well to plagiarism! Delete old posts that are duplicated, or have accumulated junk over the years, and begin to commit to creating original, robust content. That is the real theme of all of this information – it is time to create valuable content for your site, informative blogs and educational articles – because it is one of the most important ways to ensure that Google will rank you in a positive way.

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