25 May

What is Conversion Rate Optimization and How You Can Improve Yours

You’ve been working hard to improve your SEO, attract visitors to your website and create amazing content.

Now that you have them on your site, what do you do with them? How do you create a loyal customer from their visit?

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate (the number of visitors to your website that become part of your community, make a purchase, request additional information or book an appointment, etc) and over time you will realize that the strategies you employ will greatly benefit your online growth and reach.

Here are a few strategies for you to think about:

1. Create Compelling Calls to Action Within Your Blog Posts

What are you writing about? Does it have a connection to a product or service that you offer? You can assume that if your audience is reading that particular blog, they may also have interest in purchasing/receiving something connected to the topic.

For example, if your blog post is titled the Best 3 BBQ Recipes You Need for This Summer, consider providing a free or paid for edition of Your Famous Summer BBQ Recipes. Think about leveraging the next piece of education from your blog, and don’t be afraid to encourage download, purchase, etc. People love free stuff, and if it’s a topic that interests them, you can be sure that exchanging their email address for the free gift is definitely going to happen.

2. Include Call Now or Book Now Buttons

What do you ultimately want your readers to do? Do you want them to make a purchase? Book a new patient examination? Follow you on Instagram? Decide what your goals are and then use that as a guide for choosing your main CTA (call to action) theme throughout your website.

3. Offer a Free E-Book, Free Report, Free Recipe Guide or Something Else of Value

As discussed, everyone wants free stuff!! Find something that your community would find valuable and offer that on your website. Something that can be delivered electronically, such as a Free E-Book, Report, Guide, etc and use that as a ‘get-to-know-me’ tool. You can use this offering as an advertisement on social media and boost the ad to show it to more people. Offer the giveaway as an exchange that your viewers must trade their email address for, and this will allow you to begin building your list.

Send regular emails out with your best content and connect with your community regularly to keep them updated on their health, your practice, events and you!

4. Set Up an Email System that Emails Your Viewer If They Abandon Their Cart Before Completing Their Purchase

Sometimes your readers will get busy and distracted and forget to finish their purchase. Other times, they need to think about their purchase for a bit, and potentially forget to return. Others simply change their minds. Whatever the reason, have your web developer set up an email notification to send to your viewer that they have items waiting in their cart. This will create a great number of people returning to their carts to finish their purchase, and improve your conversion and bottom line.

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