07 Apr

Create a Better Converting Page with These Actionable Steps

Is your webpage as efficient as possible to create conversions?

A web conversion is when we are able to successfully convert a reader into a member of our tribe – whether that means they make a purchase, join your newsletter, or request a new patient exam.

What are you doing to create conversions? Here are a few tips…

1. Add a Site-Wide Call to Action

On the sidebar or footer of your website, there is space to add widgets and various functions. Here is a great place to offer your call to action ~ whatever it is that you are offering to your readers. This is where they give you their email address in exchange for an e-book, or their credit card in exchange for a product, or their name and number to make a new patient examination. Make this form look professional and inviting, to encourage your readers to stay in the process of conversion. This must be user-friendly with no tech-glitches or those people who are trying to get into your sales funnel will quickly back out.

2. Sales Funnel on Social Media – sponsored content

Are you offering a Free E-Book, 15 minute health consultation or free samples of some kind? This is a great way to bring people from scrolling past your content to clicking on it. You can link this click back to your website, where a landing page is waiting for them to offer more information and to continue and complete the transaction. Here it is also super important to make the process clean and glitch-free. Add relevant information, testimonials, even a mini-welcome video from you to introduce or further educate about what you are offering.

Your content will be shown to many more people if you sponsor your post with even just a few dollars per day. Be very rigorous in your demographic choices to make your money go further. For example, if you are offering an E-Book to expectant mothers and new families, use that as your main demographic choice!! The more specific, the better.

And be sure to end off your E-Book with an offer for a follow up coaching session, invitation to an online webinar, presentation at your office or discounted examination if you are marketing to the local population. These people have already joined your tribe by clicking YES to receive your E-Book. Now, leverage their desire to learn more from you and really connect with them.

3. Follow up with your new tribe members by email the day after their purchase or request of your E-Book. Many things can happen between clicking download and actually being able to read it. The phone rings, their child threw up, their in-laws dropped in, etc. so send a quick follow up email to be sure he/she received and downloaded their copy and ask if they have any questions yet.

A few days later, send a follow up email offering the same offer that you made in the E-Book, because they may not have gotten all the way through the reading yet.

Stay connected and make your offers genuinely and authentically. Your audience will appreciate your care and support and your tribe will continue to grow every day.

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