10 Apr

Gain Authoritative, Relevant Backlinks for Your Site

An integral part of building your master SEO plan is to include relevant backlinks to your website. These help to create your rankings in Google and help you get found by your specific audience!

As we always say, the first step is to create amazing content on your website. Make sure it is attractive, educational and you have developed a following on social media. This will help you to get recognized by others who have relevant content and will make reference to your website on their website.

It is important to note that it is integral that the websites that are linking to yours are credible and of high value.

They need to be an authoritative site that has relevant content compared to yours.

What is an authoritative site?

They are credible, they enjoy a high ranking on Google, they receive a great deal of traffic on their site and lots of shares to social media, and they are influential.


www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com is an authoritative site. Would you like FHA to create backlinks to your website and help boost your ranking? Email JoAnne@3SChiropracticSystems.com to learn more about submitting a guest blog (for FREE!!!) to become a published author on our site.


The most important point is to be sure that you have built up an arsenal of amazing content so that these authoritative sites can actually use relevant content of yours to link to.

Why would they link to you if you don’t have amazing content already produced?

Additionally, your goal is to also become an Authoritative site, which can happen for you with a few tips to keep in mind.

1 – Blog  – often! Keep your writing and posting consistent ie. make sure you write it into your schedule or it will be the first thing that gets bumped! Create relevant, timely blogs for your community and be sure to share them from your website from time to time. You can add the Share This! buttons through various plugins in the backend of your site.

2 – Step up your game with FREE resources for your community. Share education with your audience in an interesting way – and everyone loves free! This can be a collection of delicious recipes, inspirational healing stories e-book, a 10 minute work out video or something else that you know your community would love to get ahold of.

3 – Have your marketing team create a press release for you for an actual news-worthy event that your office is hosting. Submit this press release to your local newspapers, radio stations and community events teams and you will find that they will post your news on their websites, creating an amazing backlink opportunity for you to raise your ranking in the eyes of Google, and help to build up your SEO plan.

4 – Ask for backlinks!! Get in touch with your favourite websites and ask them for the opportunity to be mentioned on their site, or if you can write a blog or offer something of value. You can partner up and give away your amazing e-book on their site and this would be an excellent way to both have a lot of mention, back links and support, but also great exposure from a new segment of the community.

Remember, email JoAnne@3SChiropracticSystems.com to hold your place in our schedule for guest blog authors, and let us help you develop your backlinks!

(Write about a relevant, natural health topic of your choice, at least 500 words, and include your bio, headshot and all relevant links to your website and social media sites!)

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