28 Feb

Are You Reaching Your Mobile Audience?

How much focus do you have on finding your mobile customers? There is a great number of customers who are looking for you locally, and can’t find you! And they are most likely on their mobile devices. Think about it, when Johnny takes his son to basketball practice in the next town over, he uses Waze on his phone to get directions and find the best route. Then after he drops him off, he checks out Yelp to find the closest coffee shop or asks Siri to find the nearest grocery store so he can go shopping. He uses Flipp to find the best coupons and sales while he is shopping and then checks Facebook and Instagram while he is waiting in line. And that is only about 1-2 hours of mobile use!! Just consider the other 15 hours your audience is awake in the day! That is a lot of mobile use and it’s time you let them find you! Since people always have their devices by their side, every business should focus on mobile reach. The first thing to consider is to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. Mobile devices do no react the same way as a laptop or desktop computer. They show information on the screen very differently than what you would see when you are sitting at your desk. You have to tailor the content to fit a much smaller screen and change the interaction to be more convenient for a mobile audience. Boost Your Posts Locally! When you boost your posts on Facebook, make sure you are targeting these sponsored ads to your local geographic region, demographic, and chosen audience characteristics. And be sure to enable mobile advertising – it is an additional option. Have you claimed your business profile on all of the localized sites like Google Places, Yelp, Citysearch, etc.? This is a super important way to get in front of your local audience. Make sure all of your information is filled out and you are verified on all of the common search pages your city uses. Be sure that your website also has your your full address with postal code complete, as this helps to boost your SEO and ability to be found. Ensure that your Facebook page has your full address filled out and people can check in to your business. When your patients check in, it shows their friends where they are, boosts your visibility and grows your recognition in the community. And what is better than a personal referral? You got it. Not much! But, don’t think for one second that your audience is only using their mobile devices while out and about!!

Based on global mobile internet users, users’ primary locations while accessing their mobile are at home (33%), public place (27%), while traveling or roaming (23%), and at work (17%). (source: Global Web Index).

This is why it’s so important to optimize your mobile accessibility because you can see from these numbers that the majority of your audience is accessing information on their mobile devices from home and work, not only out in public or on the go. So that means your audience is sitting on the couch at home accessing information about you, so be sure that it is easy to read, find and access! With Sources from:
The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mobile Ad Campaign

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